Built to last for the next century and well ahead of its time, Meridian Port Services Ltd.’s Terminal 3 edifice continues to prove its merit as a worthwhile project and make waves in the international business community.

On 26th May 2022, at a night to award Franco-Ghanaian companies for their outstanding projects, activities, and services within 2020 and 2022, MPS came tops in the category of organizations using digital innovation to transform service provision. The company was thus awarded the BEST DIGITAL PROJECT for the period under review.

Award Procedure/Qualification

MPS was nominated and subsequently awarded following its selection by an independent jury composed of a panel of individuals from diverse sectors in the Ghanaian Business community and a representative of the French government. MPS qualification was based on the extensive digitalization of MPS Terminal 3. A site visit by members of the Chamber offered further insight and demonstrated the incredible efficiency of the port thanks to the digitalization of the Terminal.

Meridian Port Services Limited was represented by some members of the management team who expressed appreciation for the recognition.

The Head of Legal and Compliance, Mr. Frank Ebo Brown who led the management team to receive the award remarked,” This is a testament to all the hard work that was put into the establishment of Terminal 3. Additionally, it lends credence to what multinational collaboration can achieve for the socio-economic benefit of partner countries.”

MPS Management Team being congratulated by the head of GIPC- Mr. Yofi Grant. MPS Management Team from left to right Mr. Frank Ebo Brown(Head of Legal & Compliance), Mr. Thomas Bulow(Chief Finance Officer), Mr. Emmanuel Ohene Addo(Operations Manager), Mr. Bram De Jong(IT Manager), Mr. Curtiss Dakpogan(Chief Operations Officer), Mr. Ibrahim Abu(Human Resource Manager) and Mr. Walid Metwally( Workshop Manager)

MPS’ Digital Transformation Journey

The CEO of MPS, Mr Mohamed Samara, explained that MPS has since its advent into Ghana driven the digital agenda by a successful integration of digital technology into all areas of its business activities resulting in fundamental changes to its operations. In the past 3 years, MPS has led the Tema Port in a never experienced transformation of Port Operations and Management.

Its highly efficient Container Terminal- MPS Terminal 3 is a sophisticated port facility well-heeled with technology and some of the world’s most advanced equipment, systems, and digital processes.

The whole procedure of cargo processing is driven by digital technology starting with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and real-time updates with Customs and Shipping Lines. This is followed by the E-invoicing and E-payment capabilities available to all stakeholders. The Gate Operating System of MPS Terminal 3 constitutes of elaborate and interconnected gate technologies including the License Plate Recognition (LPR) for recognizing vehicles’ numbers, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for recognizing containers’ numbers and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) which identifies trucks that utilize the terminal.

As an additional measure, all port drivers have been registered unto a biometric database to provide Biometric Access Control (BAC). Also installed are Weighbridges Drive-Through X-Ray Scanners operated by Customs and linked to the customs system. The Terminal has instituted a Truck Appointment System (TAS) that allows for freight forwarders to pre-book appointments before accessing the port. These have been fully integrated with the Terminal operating System (TOS) to provide process automation for drivers with pre-booked cargo tasks to eliminate congestion and maximize efficiency levels without compromising on security at the Port.

The entire facility is equipped with CCTV with +100 cameras providing 24/7 video surveillance and Biometric Access Control Systems.

Beyond that, MPS has taken on the additional action of facilitating the successful implementation of the Nation’s drive for a Paperless Port system by collaborating with the relevant stakeholders and agencies such as the Ghana Revenue Authority to create a seamless ecosystem that ensures the smooth operation of the ICUMS system to safeguard revenue.

The end goal is to promote the ease of doing business in the port and to provide continuous improvement in the quality of service provided to stakeholders.

The 4th edition of the CCIFG Gala & Awards Night which gathered over 200 guests from the French, Multi-National and Ghanaian business community, representatives of the diplomatic corps and the Ghanaian government was graced by H.E. Anne-Sophie AVÉ (French Ambassador to Ghana)H.E. Samira BAWUMIA (Second Lady of Ghana), Hon. Yofi Grant (CEO of Ghana Investment Promotion Centre), H.E. Irchad Razaaly (EU Ambassador to Ghana),  and Hon. Nana Ama Dokua Asiamah Adjei (Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry)