As part of its Corporate Social Initiatives (CSI) geared towards supporting the provision of quality healthcare in Ghana, MPS has presented four (4) Patient Monitoring Devices to the Orthopaedic Department of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital which is Ghana’s ultimate referral hospital and the backbone of the hospitals all over the country.

The Head of Trauma and Orthopaedics, Dr. Frederick Kwarteng, who welcomed the MPS delegation briefed them about the Hospital’s 99 years of operation, highlighting that Korle-Bu is Ghana’s ultimate end in the management of Trauma Orthopaedics.

Leading the team to donate the medical equipment, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Mohamed Samara underscored the need for all to help institutions providing such vital services.

“As medical practitioners, you ought to be addressed as “honourable” instead of ladies and gentlemen because what you are accomplishing is beyond just health care. You save lives and comfort people from all walks of life in their weak moments. We are particularly pleased to learn that this institution is almost 100 years and still functioning in this capacity for the public. Our hope is that this wonderful teaching hospital will be sustained for many generations to come.”

“Our company’s contribution of these much-needed essential hospital equipment is to support your worthy cause which was brought to our attention by Dr. Agbeko Ocloo. We are delighted to hear that this contribution will support you to save lives and provide better healthcare for patients.” Said Mr. Samara.

In appreciation of the gesture, some officials of Korle-Bu Orthopaedic Centre commented.

We all see these things and think that it is just a gadget donated by a corporate organisation but the number of lives that it will save, the number of families that it will help, very few people outside the hospital setting have a sense about how much this is going to help us. It is going to improve our work; it is going to save lives. And each life that is saved, we cannot put a monetary value on that life so what you have done is really a very big thing. This benefits both patients and professionals, apart from the fact that it helps to make our work easier. To this end, we say a big thank you to MPS for giving us this gift of life.” said Dr. Prudence Nutsuklo, a senior Orthopaedic Officer.

On his part, the Deputy Director of Medical Affairs- Dr. Harry Akoto remarked.

“You can never say enough thank you but like that the proverbial Oliver Twist, we are always going to need more. As you may be aware, this is a public institution, we don’t charge value for what we do because of our position and need to reach out to all irrespective of their economic standing. As such, there is always a shortfall that must be somehow filled by government and well-meaning private institutions. We want more to be able to provide the needed services. On behalf of Management, we really appreciate what you have done.”

The Head of Legal and Compliance, Mr. Frank Ebo Brown recounted MPS’ track record in healthcare support to other establishments and the rationale for the donation being to help the poor and needy who patronize these facilities.

“This is not our first donation of such nature, In the year 2012 MPS donated patient monitoring devices to the Tema Polyclinic, and this was very much appreciated as having helped in the delivery of quality services to patients who visit the said facility and MPS believes that the donation to Korle-Bu would serve the same purpose.”

Also present at the presentation were senior medical officials from the Trauma Orthopaedics unit including Dr. Agbeko Ocloo, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Dr. Michael Segbefia, Ghana’s only Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon and as well as members of the Hospital’s Management.