Meridian Port Services Ltd (MPS) has organised a leadership training for staff to equip them with the requisite skills to propel the vision and mission of the Company.

The establishment which seeks to be at the forefront of bespoke maritime services through the coming years realised the relevance of adding value to employees.

MPS has the ambition to develop its people and build a formidable team of managers and leaders, who will drive the team to achieve great success. The maiden Leadership Training Program was undertaken over 2 weeks period from 22nd August to 3rd September with four intensive sessions that covered areas including change mindset, motivating, and leading teams, as well as understanding the differences between management and leadership.

The CEO of MPS, Mr. Mohamed Samara in a statement during one of the sessions emphasised the need for effective teamwork and its transforming power for the workforce.

“We realised that companies that found newer and better ways of doing things have stayed ahead and continued to exist into the years and so we know from all indications that innovation is an important thing in every organisation. You’ve learnt quite a lot within these past 3 days and as you end this session, the one thing that I would like us to keenly focus on is teamwork. 

Let us always keep in mind that we are not individual departments but one whole-we are MPS. Synergy is important within the various departments. We should start thinking about how we can establish good synergy between departments and sub-departments. One thing for sure is that we have a good team that is doing excellent work and carrying the company forward. We need to invest in ourselves to bring ourselves and our colleagues unto a higher levels and success. Congratulations and well done to all.”


In all about 60 staff members including Line Managers, Senior Staff Members and Supervisors who have oversight responsibility over other colleagues took part in the training. The program was facilitated by Mrs Laurence Peschel of Link to Business World(l2bw), a renowned institution for human resource development.

Modules of the 3-day course included Leadership styles, Time Management & Prioritisation of tasks, Influencing skills and Coaching. The participants engaged in exercises that allows them to identify and harness individual leadership styles to boost team development and enhance productivity. There were also sessions involving group activities on effective communication and motivation to help the leaders better understand their team members and strengthen teamwork.

Some of the participants shared how the training was going to influence their ability to drive the shared vision and mission of the company.

Abdul-Bashiru Al-Hassan, an Accounts Payable Supervisor said “For me I can confirm the training was beneficial and timely and I wish everyone gets the opportunity to attend. This is because the training prepares one’s knowledge to understand the vision of the company and how one can efficiently lead teams to align effectively towards the progress of the company.”

For Theresa Enyonam Dake, the module on leadership styles resonated with her. “The training was very educative, I have learnt to commit to knowing each member of my team, their capabilities, competence and commitment levels to know how to motivate or influence them”

The training is a part of a series of scheduled training sessions planned for staff throughout the year.