In a bid to continuously enhance the level of services to its customers and drive productivity, Meridian Port Services Ltd (MPS) has held a series of training sessions for staff. The trainings form a part of the Company’s Integrated Management System which is committed to improve skills of employees.

The current focus is in upgrading the skills of employees in all aspects of its operations. Management therefore rolled out relevant skills training programs for all staff. Each Department has since received training related to requirements of their areas of work in addition to general training tailored towards reskilling for all staff.

The Quality Management Team on the completion of their Lead Auditor training remarked echoed that “The ability to properly audit MPS’ Integrated management system certification has a key impact on the company’s productivity as it ensures that trainings are aligned to the company’s strategy and policy direction.”

LEAN Training Program for Employees

Following the launch of the LEAN Training Program that commenced with a management leadership session, 194 staff members have been taken through the first level of Lean Training. Staff are generally intrigued by the LEAN tools which are aimed at reducing waste and improving quality control.  These trainings are not only excellent for the workplace but also useful in the personal development of the worker.

Ismail Denwar, a Database Administrator with the IT Department described the experience as one that offers the opportunity to continuously improve, change mindsets related to problem solving and add value to oneself.

“I’m glad and privileged to be part of the lean training program (at MPS) where my team and I applied some lean techniques in defining and solving problems and communicating our findings; everyone’s perspective was well received and accelerated the processes of solving problems; I can say we are evolving to an army of problem solvers. I look forward to more sessions.  

2nd Quarter Employee Awards

In recognizing the contribution of employees and further boost workers’ morale the 2022 2nd quarter employee awards were held on Friday, 5th August 2022. In all 9 employees from various departments who distinguished themselves in their respective roles were honoured by the Senior Management Team led by Mr. Curtiss Dakpogan the Chief Operating Officer(COO) of MPS.

The Human Resource Manager, Mr. Ibrahim Abu said “It is pleasing to hear and know that the employees see the value addition that the training programs bring. Our aim is to grow a healthy, safe, and highly skilled workforce while providing the best level of customer service to our stakeholders.”

He added that there were several trainings scheduled for the rest of the year for a well-rounded workforce.

“We have planned leadership trainings in the next quarter designed and customised to suit our company’s style of work by equipping managers and team leads with the right organisational leadership skills to meet industry standards for long term success”.

Meridian Port Services Limited (MPS) as a leading Container Terminal / Port in the Sub-Saharan Region recognizes that to meet requirements of our stakeholders, there is the need to deliver our services in a safe, timely, efficient, and competitive manner considering industry quality and environmental standards. MPS is thus devoted to satisfying the needs of our clients, monitoring and evaluating organizational performance at all levels to ensure continuous improvement.