Officials from the Port Community of Amsterdam on Wednesday, 28th September 2022 paid a visit to Meridian Port Services Ltd (MPS). Representing the Port of Amsterdam was Mr Marcel Stappers and Mr. Michael van Toledo- General Manager of TMA Logistics in Amsterdam.

The visit was to familiarise themselves with MPS operations and to identify & improve business avenues between Africa (Ghana) and the Port of Amsterdam.

The CEO of Meridian Port Services Ltd, Mr Mohamed Samara who received the officials asserted that MPS seeks to use the edifice to plug Ghana and Africa at large into the international trade.

The MPS Terminal 3 facility is creating a better access point for Africa to international trade. We believe that connectivity through the seaport is the way to go for industrialization in Ghana and beyond. “

Following discussions centred on the best standards and perception into the operations of MPS Terminal 3, the officials were taken on a tour of the Terminal.

Experiencing first-hand the edifice and the level of digitalization and automation deployed in the MPS Terminal 3, the officials from the Netherlands were very impressed and expressed positive impressions about the development that MPS brought into the plan in the maritime business in Africa.

Mr. Samara also encouraged the need for investment into the economy of Ghana especially in the manufacturing sector.

“There is a huge market waiting to be accessed and it will be valuable if we encourage as many companies as we can to set up shop here. To complement this, Ghana and by extension Africa has a youthful population who are seeking some employment, connected to a seaport of this stature and capability, there is good prospects for business development and job creation”

The Port of Amsterdam, one of the five key ports in the Netherlands and MPS Terminal 3 share common values and interest in promoting sustainability and safety within the port environment.