MPS as an organization attaches immense importance to Environment and Social Sustainability. To this end, the company has committed to IFC’s Environment and Social Performance Standards. Taking a cue from IFC’s Environment and Social Performance Standards and other international best practice like the Equator Principles, MPS has the following as its Environmental and Social Sustainability Goals:

  1. Identify and Manage Environmental and Social Risks associated with all aspects of our operation.
  2. Deploying innovation and globally acceptable methods to ensure the preservation of flora and fauna and restitution for any loss to personal or communal assets.
  3. Providing the best working environment for our employees and contractors.
  4. Working with our host communities in upholding local norms.
  5. Delivering shared benefit by liaising with our host communities and external stakeholders in the area of community development.

These principles have and continue to serve as guidance in the company’s Environmental and Social management activities. The following are some examples of activities that are based on these goals: 

  • Waste segregation,
  • Noise monitoring,
  • Dust suppression
  • Equipment calibration
  • Tree planting
  • Turtle hatchery program
  • Community infrastructure development 
  • Community Health Outreach
  • Support for traditional celebrations