HSSE Statement and important rules being applied:

MPS is committed to the highest standards of Health and Safety aimed at creating an injury-free workplace and a culture of zero harm. Over a decade, MPS has gradually inculcated a behaviors of “doing things right the first time” thereby building a safety culture where everyone is accountable for their actions with visible challenge of unsafe conducts amongst staff.

In MPS we are guided by the following principles:

We believe that a safe workplace goes beyond policies and standards – it involves active consultation and participation. With a mindset that most, if not all, accidents are preventable, we acknowledge that unsafe behaviours are the major cause of “near misses”, injuries, and fatalities. We, therefore, focus on promoting positive behaviour, whilst advancing system improvements aimed at creating a safer work environment.

In achieving an injury-free environment various safety rules and initiatives have been implemented in our container handling terminal. Notable amongst them is our ‘pedestrian free’ policy which eliminates the risk of a man-machine interface in our operation. Also, the introduction of the Fatal 5 Safety Program which seeks to control the top five (5) hazards in our operation namely Transportation, Suspended Load and Lifting, Work at Height, Stored Energy and Management of Contractors. With this and other initiatives, we are keen in ensuring that everyone returns home safely each day without harm to them.