MPS is widely recognized by all shipping lines as the best performing container port in West and Central Africa.


Meridian Port Services Limited (MPS) is a joint venture between the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority and Meridian Port Holdings Limited, with Bolloré Transport & Logistics and APM Terminals as the two main shareholders.


Meridian Port Services Limited (MPS) is a joint venture between the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority and Meridian Port Holdings Limited, with Bolloré Transport & Logistics and APM Terminals as the two main shareholders.  .


Meridian Port Services Limited (MPS) is a joint venture between the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority and Meridian Port Holdings Limited, with Bolloré Transport & Logistics and APM Terminals as the two main shareholders.  .


Meridian Port Services Limited (MPS) was incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Ghana in December 2002 with the commencement of operations in April 2007.

MPS is a joint venture between Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority and Meridian Port Holdings Limited, which is, in turn, a joint venture with Bolloré Transport and Logistics and APM Terminals as the two main shareholders.

The Company engages mainly in Container Terminal Operations including container stevedoring, shore handling as well as storage and delivery.

MPS is widely recognized by all shipping lines as the best performing container port in West and Central Africa. Over the years, we have considerably invested in Tema Port infrastructure, equipment and manpower training. Through these investments, MPS turned Tema Port into one of the most competitive ports in West and Central Africa and managed to significantly reduce the transports costs for importers, exporters, shipping lines and all other port users.

Our provision of world-class Container Handling services which contributes to trade facilitation and Ghana’s total throughput volume at the Port has seen us outmuscle others in the industry to become a leader in port operation services:

In April 2017, we were adjudged the Terminal Operator of the year in the maiden Ghana Maritime and Shipping Awards held in Accra, in September 2015, the Company was also adjudged the Best Performing Container Terminal Operator in West Africa & Central Africa at the African Ports Awards held in Abidjan.

MPS has created a considerable number of jobs that contribute to the social security, national health, provident funds, education schemes and also created several opportunities to outsourced services and supplies to local vendors. For many operators at MPS for instance, there has been an upgrade in their capacities and skills with a resulting upward adjustment in remuneration.

One would find many entry-level tally clerks have been transformed into vessel supervisors. This story is replicated in other departments each year because of the progressive environment in the Port operations. The end result is a highly trained and knowledgeable workforce to complement the state of the art equipment and technologically-driven systems.

In October 2016, MPS cut the sod for the expansion of the arguably single biggest Corporate Social Initiative – the Tema Motorway roundabout – to decongest the roundabout and ease daily travel for commuters. The roundabout suffered serious traffic bottlenecks, which impeded the movement of private and commercial vehicles within Tema and affected inter-city commuters who used the roundabout when commuting to and from the Greater Accra Region, as well as the Eastern and Volta Regions. This congestion also hindered the flow of cargo in and out of the port.

In response to the above, we created four slip roads to reduce the number of vehicles approaching the roundabout and created an additional third lane to widen the roundabout itself. Most importantly, the project also improved the entrance and exit from the northern side (Akosombo), by widening it from the current single lane to a double lane. Existing roads also underwent several layers of asphaltic overlays.

On completion in August and onward opening to traffic a month later, commuters experienced improved road surface as a large percentage of the newly constructed slip roads was constructed with reinforced concrete slabs. This upgrade also significantly eased traffic for all commuters going in and out of the city, thereby reducing travel time and improving productivity.

Today, through this upgrade, we have also given a facelift to the community with our sense of responsibility to the environment through breathtaking landscaping and lighting, which were previously non-existent.

Since the commencement of operations in 2007, MPS has undertaken several innovative initiatives which have brought relief to many a Ghanaian, especially importers and exporters.

MPS has always understood that to operate an effective and efficient terminal, we need to use technology as the business driver. Therefore, the:

  • Introduction of the most advanced Terminal Operating System (TOS) available globally as Navis N4
  • Introduction of MPS Pay Gate web portal as a prompt response to our readiness to facilitate the paperless port clearance.
  • The deployment of the above mentioned technological innovations has ensured that there is less stress in the discharge of duties and responsibilities as supervisors and operators can monitor in real time everything that goes on in the yard and terminal without having to be at the scene. In addition, customers are assured of quick deliveries and unmatched satisfaction.

MPS has as part of its overall commitment, the need to better the lot of Ghanaians. In driving of the local content agenda in the award of contracts and employment, MPS has offered numerous opportunities to Ghanaians.  As a result, making optimum use of Ghanaian skilled, semi-skilled and even unskilled labour is primary on our agenda. This is also reflected in the construction of the new Port; where we have urged especially foreign contractors to make use of local professionals that are readily available in the country. This intervention has brought hope to a lot of people especially in the Tema community as an assessment of the ongoing project is reflective of the heavy inclusion of locals.

The main aim of our Customer Service Quality Standard has been to have a Customer Turnaround time of maximum 30 minutes i.e. our processes and procedures ensure that the average customer does not stay within the service unit for more than 30 minutes.

The main strategy was to have an efficient billing application and to realign and modify the process flow continues to eliminate latency and any undue delays to ensure speedy delivery of service. Over the past 10 years, there has been the continuous modification of the process flow from the ticketing counter to the last officer who issues the permit. This has been done whilst ensuring that the necessary safeguards to protect MPS from fraud and claims are not compromised. The improvement or maintenance of these standards has largely been hinged on the billing application during the period in question.

The MPS Customer Services is a cycle which starts when the unit is dropped from the vessel and duly positioned and updated. Customer calls at Pre-gate (Customer Service Centre) and is expeditiously served – customer dispatches his truck to MPS yard, the unit is duly located and loaded on a truck and it exits the Terminal.

The part of the Customer Service cycle that provided a game changer for MPS was the ability of the customer to hand over an issued permit to his trucker and barely in an hour have the unit ready for scan or examination without having to visit MPS yard. This eliminates unnecessary stress which is akin to other terminals.

This has attracted lots of importers/agents to urge their freight carrier/shipping lines to leave their cargo in our terminal thus adding up or increasing our direct deliverables of units to the customers.

MPS is currently spearheading a $1.5 billion dollar Port Expansion Project, the largest private infrastructure investment ever made in Africa with multiple benefits for the Ghanaian economy and African Economy as a whole. This investment will boost international trade and ensure positive economic growth and development for the nation.

As part of this Project, the Company through its shareholders has recently injected $600 million into the economy through the awarding of some marine, civil and building works. These contracts have made room for the employment of over 2000 Ghanaians in various capacities.

The acquisition of sophisticated equipment meant an upgrade of our Technical and Information Systems. It was for this reason that we recruited and trained well over one hundred additional crane operators, supervisors, engineers, technicians and planners to run and operate these specialized state of the art equipment. This obviously boosted the Ghanaian talent pool. In the same vein, there is room for skills upgrade and for workers on the job. This is done through various seminars and workshops as and when there are noticeable changes in the global environment.

With local content keen on our agenda, MPS directly employs close to 500 Ghanaians in various capacities; from clerks, officers, skilled operators, supervisors, technicians, engineers and senior managers. MPS has also provided an avenue of employment for many outsourced labour and services.

For a decade, MPS has made significant investments into its operations that has brought major relief to its customers – importers, exporters, shipping lines and all other port users – and managed to significantly reduce the costs for freight.

MPS’ continuous investments to match the growing economic trends and increasing volume of commodities (exports and imports), has necessitated the expansion of the capacity of Tema Port in order to prevent congestion and higher cost of doing business.